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Alice B.

My Work


T. Octavius

custom website design


T. Octavius the author of Heir Apparent, came to Red Lid with the idea to create a space that represents his current work and provides room to showcase his future work. With fantasy novels at the very heart of his brand, Red Lid combined modern branding with whimsical elements to create his website. Red Lid focused on incorporating a blog section for future posts and a newsletter sign up for creating a community.

Creative Direction & Strategy

Guided by a commitment to elegance and simplicity, the design approach aligns with the essence of T. Octavius' literary works. From the website's aesthetic to the strategic customer experience, every facet is carefully curated to resonate with readers. The incorporation of the newsletter sign up and blog is to create a society around  T. Octavius' literary influence, ensuring that more readers and fellow authors can explore and appreciate the captivating narratives presented in 'Heir Apparent' and the forthcoming fantasy novels.

The Project Scope

Website Brand Strategy + Messaging
Customer Experience Strategy
Custom Showit Website Design
Blog Customization
Basic SEO


custom website


seo implementation

The core of Red Lid's offerings! This package encompasses the home page, about page, services page, contact page, blog home page, blog post page, 404 page, coming soon page, and any additional add-ons requested are worked in when planning out the project.

As with strategy, SEO is an absolute necessity! Our commitment is to optimize your visibility and enhance your digital success. We ensure the incorporation of fundamental SEO practices, and any existing strategy will seamlessly transition. 

You would receive a custom website and SEO implementation

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