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Alice B.

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A Showit Website Template

The Social Circle


Introducing the Top Assistant template's sister template, the Social Circle. The ultimate website template designed specifically for social media managers who want to take their business to the next level. With its sleek and modern design, Social Circle is the perfect website for showcasing your skills, services, and expertise to potential clients. It is easy to customize - download the template, upload your content, and go live!

Social Circle

CAD$ 142.00

A 100% customizable, HTML5 website design for the website platform Showit (subscription can be purchased separately here). Download the template via the code in the provided PDF after your purchase, upload your content, customize the site, and go live! Note: this design must be used with Showit.

A pre-installed matching blog design for Wordpress. You get the SEO/blogging power of Wordpress and the design flexibility of Showit altogether with this website template. All images, graphics, and Google / free web fonts come as shown in site demo.

A custom mobile site design, which you can view, customize, and edit side by side with your primary site.

This intuitive and easy-to-use website template comes fully equipped with all the features and functionalities you need to establish a strong online presence and build your brand. From customizable layouts to responsive design, Social Circle provides everything you need to create a professional and polished website that reflects your unique personality and style.

Social Circle's Features

About Social Circle

User-Friendly, Accessible, Seamless & Sleek and 100% Customizable

Red Lid's website templates are created using Showit - a remarkable website builder that offers effortless drag-and-drop functionality without the need for any coding. To use our templates, you'll need to have a Showit subscription. This is how you can access our templates, as well as where you will host your website and blog, have access to the software to customize and manage your site, and technical support from the Showit team. Please be aware that our templates aren't compatible with other platforms, such as Square, Wix, Shopify, and others.

Made With Showit

With Showit's platform, you can swiftly and effortlessly modify and personalize your SEO settings as it offers prompt accessibility to them.

Built-in SEO Tools

Create and personalize to your heart's content effortlessly using Showit's incredible drag-and-drop platform. You can make changes without needing to write any code or worrying about restrictions.

100% Customizable

RedLid's full website templates come with a robust and stylish Wordpress blog template that allows you to leverage the impressive blogging features of Wordpress while also enabling you to fully personalize your blog's design in Showit, without the need for coding.

Wordpress Integration

At Red Lid, we're committed to providing continuous support to our clients. You can reach out to us through email and have the option of getting real-time assistance via live chat support from Showit. Additionally, you'll have access to our Facebook groups where you can connect with other members of our community.

Great Customer Support

About Red Lid Templates


It's as Easy as 3 Steps

01. Select Your Template

03. Publish it!

02. Edit & Customize
Your Site

Add your own flair and visual elements to these 100% customizable templates! Make as many changes as you want, whenever you want.

Check out Red Lid's Showit website templates — a collection of Showit website templates built for a variety of businesses. Pick one and start customizing! 

Once you have customized your template and created your final website, publish your site!

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Reach out and we can find a solution that suites your needs.

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